June 7th, 2004


Cheap cheap CHEAP!

In the unlikely event that anyone reading this is (a) in the UK and (b) happens to need to buy stop watches in quantity, The Works chain is selling one at £1.25. They're a basic plastic cased job with three buttons (start/stop, mode, reset) and day/date, look pretty naff and display isn't particularly big, but work OK.

A nearby pound shop had four (obviously made by the same company since the packaging was identical, but considerably nicer in appearance) at £1.00, but they didn't have any more in stock. Must have missed seeing them the last time I was in there a couple of weeks ago, which is annoying.

Anyway I got some for work on Saturday, boss is happy with the quality so I'm going back for 10 more tonight. The moral (which I took to heart many years ago but may be worth repeating) is not to buy anything that is sold for the general consumer market from the specialist lab equipment and educational suppliers, since they are greedy grasping bastards and the cheapest equivalent I saw advertised in their catalogues was £3.25