July 4th, 2004


Obsessive compulsion R Us

And another four of the TTH pictures. I now know what I'm going to do or have already done for every letter until I get to Q, then I'm okay apart from V, Y, and Z.

For Q the one I considered was Q the Winged Serpent but the pictures on-line are lousy and so, as I recall, was the film. Quincy was another possibility but I've already done CSI and you can only use so many forensic scientists...

For V I've rejected Van Helsing, because everyone else will want to do it, V (the old alien invasion serial) because it sucked, Vampirella because I really don't like the art much, and anything with Vampire in the title because it's too much like Buffy etc. I might do something based on Alan Moore's V for Vendetta if all else fails, but I'm not very good at mixing photos and drawings.

No idea at all yet for Y and Z, so any suggestions for these four will be welcome. As will comments, criticism, etc.

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