July 22nd, 2004

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Adventures Wanted 2

How could I have forgotten this? The other game I'm planning to run this weekend is a Diana: Warrior Princess variant Elvis, the Legendary Tours. I have the same problem of needing up to six characters for the adventure.

I know that three of them will be Elvis, a bard searching for the lost magical Land of Grace, and his sidekicks Vlad Lennon and "Senator" Joe McCartney. I need three more, all of Guest Star status (e.g. moderately powerful).

The setting will probably be a mythologised America, so one possibility is riverboat gambler Wild Bill Gates, but I think something with more musical relevance would be better. For the convention game I might nick the idea of a druid variant of Buddy Holly from Pratchett, but that's not going to be something I can write up for publication.

So - any quick ideas on this? Need to get the characters written up and printed out today!

I'll post the list and stats of the Forgotten Futures characters later today - still writing them up.
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Forgotten Futures Characters

Here are the characters for the Forgotten Futures adventure I mentioned; there probably isn't anything too bad in the way of spoilers below, but if you're going to be playing in the game I run over the weekend you probably shouldn't look behind the cut

Mr. Caldicott (a young banker)
Mr. Charters (a young stockbroker)
Miss Jane Marple (a schoolgirl, Caldicott's cousin)
Sirius (automaton dog)
Roderick Spode (Gentleman of means, would-be politician)
Beatrice (a maid)

Many, many thanks to everyone who made suggestions. It'll probably be obvious that some of these characters are composites from several suggestions (for example, my version of Caldicott is in part Wodehouse-derived, terrified of his aunt Agatha, who is Jane's mother), so I hope nobody will feel neglected.

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Elvis, The Legendary Tours adventurers

Here are the characters I've put together based on the ideas people gave me in the earlier thread today. The line-up is as follows:

Elvis (bard)
Vlad Lennon (bard, barbarian swordsman)
"Senator" Joe McCartney (bard)
Billie "Doc" Holliday (frontier medic and law-woman)
Elric Clapton (musician and shaman)
Bob "the Builder" Marley (mystical roadie)

Details follow, but they reveal quite a few secrets.

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I'll be back some time Monday, let me know what you think.
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