August 16th, 2004

marcus 2013

Sopranos, 6FU, general C4 rant.

C4 have apparently decided to start showing The Sopranos again, beginning season 5 tonight at 11. Only noticed it was on because someone mentioned it on Cix, which shows how much I watch C4 these days...

Hint to C4: if you want people to watch your poxy channel, and notice that you occasionally show good programmes, try showing more than one good programme a week...

Okay, having said that, Six Feet Under is apparently starting a new run tomorrow night, beginning S4 at 11.05. Not a series I particularly like but I know friends do. Is this the season with Michelle Trachenberg as a semi-regular character?

And as far as I can tell these are the only two programmes I might want to see on C4 this entire week. Used to top my viewing list, now it's garbage. And they aren't even showing the bloody Olympics.