October 11th, 2004

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Consternation, the Cambridge games con next year, has a new GOH: Allen Varney. Here's the announcement from the Consternation mailing list.

Following the unfortunate loss of our first GoH, the committee of Consternation are happy to be able to announce that we have found a replacement.

Allen Varney is an American games author; his latest published work is *Paranoia XP*, the new version of the classic RPG, and he is continuing to produce supporting material for that game under contract to Mongoose Publishing. Allen has also published three board games, seven books, over two dozen roleplaying supplements for *AD&D*, *Champions*, *Mage*, *Earthdawn*, *Toon*, and others, and 250+ articles, columns, and reviews. He laid out and helped edit the Pelgrane Press *Dying Earth* RPG, and his 100-player business ethics simulation game, "Executive Challenge", was covered in the Wall Street Journal.

We look forward to welcoming Allen to Consternation.

As far as I know I'm still UK GOH, though since I'm not mentioned I suppose I'd better check. Yup, I appear to be.

http://www.consternation.org.uk/ for full details, and for a REALLY bizarre photoshopped picture of me which I hadn't seen before. You can tell it's edited because I don't actually own a tie, let alone a dinner jacket.
marcus 2013

Invisible Idiot.

Just wanted to translate something via Google, so I thought I'd try a test to see how accurate it is. Here's the original text:

What is Forgotten Futures?
Forgotten Futures is Marcus Rowland's table-top role playing game based on scientific romances, the predecessors of science fiction that were published in the late 19th and early 20th century. Each collection focuses on a different theme, and include space travel through the heavily populated solar system of 1900, Ghost Hunting in Edwardian England, and adventures with Arthur Conan Doyle's Professor Challenger.

Forgotten Futures was originally distributed as shareware e-texts and later as HTML. Currently, Forgotten Futures collections are available from this site for download and on CD-ROM from the author. Print versions were published by Heliograph Inc, but have now been discontinued.

and this is what it was like after translating it to German then back to English...

What was forgotten future? Forgotten future is table top the role of Marcus Rowlands, which plays the play, which is based on scientific romances, the predecessors of the future novels, in the late 19th century and early 20. Century were published. Each accumulation concentrates the spirit hunt on another topic and covers space travel by the heavily populated solar system of 1900, in Edwardian England and the adventures with professor Challenger Arthur Conan Doyles. Forgotten future was distributed originally as sharewareEtexte and later than HTML Currently, is present forgotten accumulations of future of this place of assembly for Download and on digital disk Rome of the author. Pressure versions were published by heliograph Inc., but were now adjusted.

On the whole I think I'll try not to rely on the accuracy of this method...