October 16th, 2004

lost world

Charmed and Five Children and It

Just watching Charmed on TV (Channel 5, not sure which series), wondered if anyone knows if the episode that Charisma Carpenter appears in will be on UK terrestrial TV in the near future.

During the break there was an advert for a film of Nesbit's Five Children and It, which looks to have been jazzed up a little to appeal to the usual special effects fans; the Psammead looks more like a turtle, the flying sequence has an airship, and so forth. Doubt I'll bother to see it in the cinema, but might be fun when it eventually comes on TV.

If anyone wants to read the original, incidentally, it's on my web site with the Forgotten Futures RPG:


Oddly enough I've been writing something for the next release of the RPG which harks back to FF8, so I've been working with Nesbit-related material all afternoon. Weird coincidence but true.
Slayers CSI

Vampires and CSI

OOH! And now they're showing the vampire episode of CSI. Managed to miss the first half when it was previously shown, and since I've written quite a few BtVS / CSI crossovers it's good to finally see it. Decided to celebrate by uploading one of the CSI icons I made, the only one that's small enough for Livejournal.