November 26th, 2004

marcus 2013


Still a bit under the weather, though a lot better than I was yesterday. Here's one of the illustrations for the time travel thing; some visitors from the Utopian 1950s as visualised in a tongue-in-cheek fashion article published in 1893. Anyone else think the guy's a dead ringer for John Lennon?

The rest of the illustrations are on the FF CD-ROM, I may well include them on the FF IX distribution disk too, haven't quite made up my mind.
Angel of the Revolution

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Another illustration I was toying with for the time travel thing - the Corinthic again - but I think that calling this "derivative" is putting it a little mildly.

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Should I

Take another stab at the watches picture and improve it?
Create something more realistic based on the Corinthic picture.
Just dump it - the plesiosaur picture is enough.
Push the button, Max!

Thanks - all comments greatly appreciated.

Anyone know of an out-of-copyright source for pictures of tyrannosaurs or similar wearing dinner jackets?

Never mind, made my own

Should I convert it to a black and white photo? or an oil painting?