November 30th, 2004

lost world

Forgotten Futures IX Review Files

The final draft of Forgotten Futures IX is now on line for reviewers etc. For security reasons it's in a passworld-protected part of my site, and if you would be interested in taking a look I have to ask you to send me an e-mail quoting and agreeing to the following:

Access is allowed for review purposes only. All Forgotten Futures IX files are embargoed until the on-line release of the game in 2005; you may download them for personal use and testing, but they may not be passed on to any other person.

Send this to me at myfirstname dot mylastname at gmail dot com, and I'll tell you how to access the files.

I know that the notice is ridiculously short, but I'll probably be burning CDs on Friday - if anyone spots any problems before then please let me know. After that it'll be about a month to the on-line launch, so please continue to look out for errors.

If you've been a reviewer / play tester before I'll probably be sending you an e-mail reminding you how to access the files; it's exactly the same as last time, but for some reason it now seems to be necessary to enter the user name and password twice, I have no idea why. Game rules etc. are on line on the site, but not in the password-protected section.

Once again thanks to everyone who has helped with the design process etc. I think that posting some of the material to LiveJournal has helped considerably in keeping me motivated and eliminating some errors, and I'll definitely be using it more extensively in the next round of development.
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Gacked from sjgames whose link is broken, Swarthmore College has some wonderful alternative text book stickers that you might want to use to replace the anti-evolution stickers some educational institutions etc. now insist on using. Get the PDF, print or copy to label stock, and have fun...
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marcus 2013


I've just got hold of a 2nd hard disk at £23 for 40gb, or about 51½ PENCE a gigabyte.

Think about that - I've just paid considerably less for a gigabyte of storage than I used to pay for 32k tapes in my ZX-81 days, 80k floppies in my TRS-80 days, than for 360k floppies then 1.2mb and 1.44mb in my earlier PCs. In fact floppies still work out at about 20p a megabyte, well under a 250th as good. The last hard disk I bought, only three or so years ago, was £40 for 6 gig.

As I said. Boggle...

One practical problem - can't seem to find the XP version of fdisk on my hard disk, and fdisk is a pain to use anyway. Can anyone recommend a good freeware utility for setting up the partitions etc.?

LATER EDIT: Now sorted thanks to mr_wombat