December 5th, 2004

marcus 2013

Best laid plans

So how did everyone else spend their Sunday after Dragonmeet? I spent mine cleaning coffee out of my laptop and packing CDs. The reason there was coffee in my laptop was that I managed to spill half a cup while I was writing the letter to accompany the CDs, the reason why I was drinking coffee at that point was... oh, never mind. It's fixed now, and that's the main thing.

Anyway, if you ever need a way to waste about two hours, getting coffee out of every cranny of a laptop works pretty well. But I really don't recommend it, and it clobbered any thought of doing anything else, such as getting out and doing some shopping or SMOFFing at the post-Dragonmeet pub bash.

So it goes.
marcus 2013

Cheap DVDs

Pointed out to me by rozk - CD-WOW are selling the Region 3 version of the Return of the King extended edition DVD at £15.99, and the Hellboy special 2-disk set at £7.99

Both are cheaper than the region 1 (USA) or 2 (UK) sets; American readers should note that region 3 is also NTSC so may be worth taking a look if they can region hack their players.

Prices include P&P and they're sent separately so that there isn't a customs problem since they're under the £18.00 threshold. Once I've had a couple and checked that their service works I suspect I will be ordering a good deal more from them.