December 6th, 2004

lost world

Going postal

Memo to self...

Next time you need to post 100+ packets at three different postal rates, about a quarter of them requiring customs declarations which must be hand-written, do not go to the busiest post office in the area on the first Monday of the month this close to Christmas.

Anyway it's done - Forgotten Futures IX is now in the hands of the gods, e.g. the Post Office. No doubt in a week or so I'll start to hear from people who haven't received it or got CDs that have somehow been damaged, but for now I can relax a little.

Memo to registered users / reviewers / etc.

If you're in the UK please wait at least a week before telling me that your CD hasn't arrived. If you're in the USA please give it ten days or so. If it arrives damaged or non-functional (last time one blank CD was somehow shipped) please let me know by e-mail, DON'T send it back!
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