December 25th, 2004

marcus 2013

Xmas it is here by golly, deck the halls...

It's taken me FOUR bloody hours to get my presents wrapped today. Admittedly part of the reason is that I watched a couple of DVDs I haven't previously viewed while doing so - verdict Master and Commander 8/10 (it manages to cram a lot of the O'Brien feel into a couple of hours), Hellboy 6/10 (seems to be more about style than actual plot, and it's the third film I've seen recently with a fight / death trap on a CGI collapsing bridge, which is perhaps too much of a good thing - and there was another similar thing on Shrek, which the BBC showed earlier in the evening).

For some reason nearly everyone is getting blank DVDs, CDs, minidisks, video tapes, etc., vouchers for various stores, books, etc., plus stocking filler oddments of negligible value. Anyone who guessed that I ordered the media on line might not be entirely wrong... since I'll be eating at my sister's and don't have to cater for anyone except myself I managed to get the rest of the Xmas shopping done in about four hours, so I'm feeling reasonably pleased. And broke, of course...

Apart from that I've spent most of the day converting Guy Boothby's novel Pharos the Egyptian into an e-text; it was serialised in six parts in 1898, and it's a splendidly silly novel along the lines of The Mummy etc., with a dash of Dr. Phibes. Got the initial OCR done reasonably easily, it was fortunatly printed on good paper, now about a third of the way through correcting, formatting text, and scanning the illustrations. With luck it'll be finished some time next week, and if nothing goes wrong I'll be putting it onto the FF CD-ROM. After Christmas I'll start posting chapters for comments, always assuming that people are interested.

And so to bed, I think, tomorrow's probably going to be a long and moderately tiresome day.

BAH HUMBUG and a happy new year.