January 7th, 2005

marcus 2013

A change of plans

Since I began thinking about the immortality RPG setting (see my post a couple of days ago) I've had a slightly bad feeling about it. Last night I realised what it was.

My mother died in 1995. Yesterday would have been her 85th birthday. and on the night she died I came home from the hospital, feeling very sad, and put on the first video that came to hand to take my mind off things. As it happens the video was Highlander, which of course has a deathbed scene in it one point. To say that it was a bad choice of video would be putting it very mildly.

I wasn't planning to say anything about this but today, as I was heading out to work, I heard that my only living uncle (who is about the same age) has had a fall and is in hospital. It may not be too bad, since they're letting him go home this morning, but he hurt his head, he's frail (he lost an arm and most of his shoulder during WW2, and now has osteoporosis) and any injury is serious at that age anyway. My sister is going to travel with him to make sure he's OK, and he has a daily helper, but it's worrying.

Anyway, the upshot is that I think I'm going to shelve this idea again. I'm not sure I believe in omens, but I'm not going to take chances.

So the search for inspiration continues. Anyone that feels like making suggestions, bearing in mind that the source has to be out of Euro copyright (e.g. the author died before 1935) please let me know.