January 9th, 2005


Mistaken Identity V and general wibble.

Here's another in the series of 100-word BtVS crossover Drabbles on the theme of mistaken identity, assumptions, etc.

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I'm just working my way through Dead Like Me season 1, which is available for £25.35 inc delivery on R1 DVD if you buy via Amazon.co.uk - ordered it before Christmas, arrived yesterday, I suspect it's been delayed en-route in the Christmas madness. Enjoyable, and they seem to be very inventive with the way people get killed (reminiscent of Six Feet Under, which of course makes me wonder if there are any 6FU / DLM crossovers out there).

Watched Jerry Springer: The Opera on BBC2 last night - mixed feelings about it. I suspect I wouldn't have watched it if it hadn't been for all the protests etc. in recent days, and while the music was okay I didn't feel it was brilliant. But it was reasonably good fun, and I don't begrudge the time spent watching it.