January 13th, 2005

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Gave another £100.00 to Cancer Research UK today, taking the total amount I've given them and the predecessor charities to £1468. Since the donation qualifies for the Gift Aid tax thingy they'll end up getting £128, I think. Most of the hundred was raised last year, with the balance coming in as a percentage of Forgotten Futures registrations etc. since I've launched the new release of the game. Hopefully I'll be able to give them more before too long, if it gets a few reviews and I start to shift more. I can hope, anyway.

But it's worth saying again that if you are British, pay taxes, and want to help a charity, you should ALWAYS fill in a gift aid form - don't just drop your money in a collecting box, they won't get the tax break. There's no minimum amount (although I prefer to wait until I have a hundred quid or so in hand so that I'm not doing it too often) and it really does help them.
Angel of the Revolution

Calling all rules lawyers!

Those of you who have been following the "rewriting the rules" thingy I posted on Tuesday will know that heliograph has made a very good suggestion, that I replace the rather clunky lookup table for skill and characteristic use with a rule that requires some VERY simple mental arithmatic.

Here's a first pass at the section that explains how it works, with a couple of examples. What I want is for the rules lawyers amongst us - yes, I know you're out there - to read this and let me know if you can suggest any revision to the wording, or spot any ambiguity. Thanks!

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