January 17th, 2005

Angel of the Revolution

Use of Weapons

Here's the real table from Hell, the BIG "all the weapons you can eat" thing from the Forgotten Futures rules. I've done my best to format it so that it's clear and and reasonably easy to understand, and I'd appreciate comments on any browser problems encountered, the colours I've used, etc. I should emphasise that I can't actually change much of the actual content without reducing compatibility between this and earlier versions of the rules, so I'm mainly looking for formatting suggestions etc. I've included the introduction to it to make the abbreviations etc. clearer.

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One thought - am I being a bit too vanilla in my choice of background colours etc., would something brighter (or just not blue?) be a better bet? This is something I'd want to keep consistent throughout the rules, so I don't want it too harsh, but blue does seem to get used a lot.