January 30th, 2005

marcus 2013

Drabble - Countdown - and FF rules update progress

Here's the main product so far of watching Wonderfalls, which I'm enjoying more than I first thought I would. Warning - this is a lot darker than most of my Drabbles

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Comments please before I post to archives.

In other news the FF rules revision is coming on reasonably well - I'm about two thirds through adding the Melodrama section, next is Magic, then the gadgets etc. and illustrations.
Angel of the Revolution

Getting Melodramatic

I've put the revised melodrama appendix for the FF rules on line, a condensed version of some of the stuff in FF VI. I'd be grateful if people could take a look and suggest ways of cutting it further, since it is VERY long; one idea I'm considering is to have a single table of traits covering everybody, with the modifications for each type of character shown, but I think that would make it less clear.

If you spot anything please comment - preferably say where it occurs in the text and give the existing and changed wording you're suggesting. Please DON'T post an edited version of the entire thing as your comment - LJ won't let you anyway. Warning, it's about 10,000 words!

Getting Melodramatic