February 21st, 2005

marcus 2013

We were somewhere on the edge of the desert...

Hunter S. Thompson has been found dead, apparently by suicide, aged 67.



His work exploring politics, the drugs culture, the Hells Angels, etc. was enormously influential and widely parodied in all genres - see, for example, Games Workshop's Judge Dredd RPG companion in the 1980s, lots of SF including the first Wild Cards book, etc. - and started the modern era of journalism, in which the journalists reaction to events have become part of the story. For my own part I admired his work, parodied the opening to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas at least twice, in fanfic and in games reviews, and probably haven't read nearly as much as I should.

He'll be greatly missed.
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marcus 2013

Picocon money

Make that £22.77 I took at PicoCon, rounded up to £23. I forgot that someone gave me £3.00 separately from the money I got for the books etc. Takes the money raised to date to £1512.60, of which £1468 has so far been given to Cancer Research UK or its predecessor charities. I'll make another donation once I get past £1568.