March 18th, 2005

marcus 2013

Buffy Season 1, Constantine

Probably mainly of interest to Brits.

Channel 5 has Buffy Season 1 episode 1 scheduled for Saturday at 6.40 PM, after Charmed. Presumably they're going to run the whole season and/or all 7 seasons. Nice to introduce the series to people who were too young first time round, I suppose, but Buffy with advertising breaks - blechhh...

C4 has a "T4 Special" about Constantine on Sunday at 1.30 PM - given that it's in the kids slot I suspect it won't be very good, but might be worth taking a look.
marcus 2013

The Future is Wild

In the Oxfam bookshop this lunchtime I found a rather nice book called The Future is Wild - A Natural History of the Future by Dougal Dixon and John Adams, turns out to be linked to a TV show of the same name from the discovery channel:

The web site has some niceish wallpaper and other illustrations.

The book seems to be along the same lines as Dixon's "After Man", though the biology is rather different. More emphasis on invertebrates, especially molluscs. Not quite so cuddly, but I suspect a little more plausible.

Anyone know if there are plans to show this on UK terrestrial TV?
marcus 2013


Anyone ordered anything costing more than £18 from CD-WOW recently?

I was looking for The Future Is Wild (which they don't have) and checking a few other things that interest me, and discovered that at the beginning of May they'll have Angel S5 for £39.99, about £20 less than anyone else. Trouble is that this risks duty etc; has anyone else bought stuff from them above the VAT threshold recently, and what happened?