March 25th, 2005

marcus 2013

Book room gleanings - Thorne Smith

Before I even had a chance to hit the book room Brian of Porcupine Books told me that he'd spotted several Thorne Smith on another dealer's table. As a result I now have

The Jovial Ghost (AKA Topper, The Misadventures of Topper)
The Bishop's Jaegers
Skin and Bones
The Stray Lamb
- all of these are are UK hardcovers with reasonably clear type and slight yellowing pages, should scan fairly well.

The Glorious Pool - yellowing paperback, reasonably good type
Topper Takes A Trip - very yellow but looks readable type

So that's seven out of 10, the ones I'm missing being Rain in the Doorway, The Night-Llife of the Gods, and Did She Fall?, which is actually a crime novel.

Hopefully they'll scan reasonably easily, we'll find out next week.