April 3rd, 2005

marcus 2013

Scanning progress

Just finished the OCR of The Jovial Ghosts (aka Topper), tomorrow I'll start correcting it and convert it to HTML. Someone has offered me a copy of The Night Life of the Gods, so the only books I'm missing now are Rain in the Doorway and Did She Fall?

With luck at this rate I'll finish scanning the books I have by the middle of the month, then I can get down to writing the game in earnest.
marcus 2013

Drabble: Membership Committee

Taking a break from The Jovial Ghosts (now about half-way through) to write yet another Drabble in my "First Contact" BtVS / DC crossover series. Previous stories in the series are here

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Comments please before I post to archives. And a Collapse )

Later edit: I've changed the wording of the story very slightly, just to make it a little more coherent.