April 4th, 2005

marcus 2013

Nobody's that stupid...?

I was just out getting a sandwich for lunch and overheard a snatch of conversation from one of the cafe tables that sounded truly bizarre:

"Of course the real reason the US is phasing out tin cans is that the chemical name sounds like 'satanic'"

I think that the guy who said this was one of three men, all in their thirties-forties and fairly smartly dressed. Wouldn't amaze me if they were advertising people, there are some agencies in the area.

I just did a web search and can't find anything that looks like this sort of nonsense, but the chemical name for many tin compounds does begin "stannic" and that isn't far off being an anagram if you are deeply stupid. Anyone know anything about this?
lost world

Thorne Smith update

Finished initial scanning of "Topper Takes A Trip"; I'll be correcting it and converting it to HTML tomorrow. Not the easiest OCR I've done, but a LOT less errors than I'd feared.

After that I've got The Bishop's Jaegers, Turnabout, Skin and Bones, and The Glorious Pool left, waiting for The Night Life of the Gods from someone, still looking for a copy of Rain in the Doorway. On the whole I think it's going pretty well.