April 20th, 2005


Plot bunny (silly?)

Very vague idea for a story in which Willow gets recruited by the Vatican to make sure that there is no magical intervention in the selection of the Pope, no magical spying, etc. She's the only witch they can find that's powerful enough and isn't a Catholic, hence more or less unbiased. Or so they think, they might be wrong...

Think it might work as a crossover with Hudson Hawk (the wacky papal secret service in that was fun) or Van Helsing (ditto, only with super-crossbows), or even Alias (the reason why they need her help is that the Rimbaldi device that protected previous elections was stolen by the CIA).

Not sure I want to write it myself, so if anyone else does please go ahead.
marcus 2013

Networks part II

What do you do if the network adaptor on your PC - the USB connection to the cable modem - is set up to use the subnet and you want to have a second network port in it as part of an ad-hoc wireless network? Should I give it a different subnet address?

Didn't have any of this crap when I set up my router as an infrastructure network - I'm very tempted to go buy a cheapo router and set it up for my bro-in-law just to get this over with.