July 24th, 2005

marcus 2013

Busy Busy Busy...

If anyone is wondering why I haven't updated any fiction in week or so, it's because I'm hard at work on the PDF project I mentioned a while back - I signed the contract a couple of weeks ago, and as I get more skilled with Word etc. the amount of time I can spend on it before I lose patience is rising, so I don't keep stopping to do other things. Now I'm on holiday and have a lot more time I hope that the first draft will be finished by the end of the week, after that it should just be a matter of editing etc. and finished pretty quickly. I'd prefer not to go into more details right now, and it isn't actually hugely exciting anyway - it's just hopefully going to earn me some money, which is always nice.

Anyway, I will try to get some fiction done when I feel like a break from editing, which is bloody hard work sometimes.
marcus 2013

Stupid Word problem

I want to number the pages starting at page 1, which will actually be page 3 of the document - the real page 1 is the title page and 2 is the table of contents. The help (which is as usual crap) talks about something called a Section Break, but that doesn't seem to do much. Anyone know how to get this to work?
marcus 2013

Holy crap!

Well, I thought that it would take a week... I'm already done on the first draft in Word. Just goes to show how much you speed up when you're more familiar with the software. Or that I got VERY sloppy towards the end and when I go through it again tomorrow I'll have to make loads of changes. Be that as it may, I edited 35 pages today, about half the document, plus the table of contents, which is pretty good going.

Stage two will be to get some additional material I need from a couple of other people, then check it through again on the PC, then transfer it to the iBook and see if any horrible problems appear. After that I'll have a go at converting it to PDF. Might even be finished by the end of the week, though I doubt it.

Many thanks to everyone who helped me sort out the formatting problems - it really did make all the difference.