July 25th, 2005

marcus 2013


Just transferred everything across to the iBook to take a first shot at converting the Word document to a PDF. Ran into a few problems where the page layout differed slightly between the PC and the Mac; not quite sure why, but the main effect was that a little less seemed to fit on each page. I suspect that the version of Albertus Medium I have isn't properly optimised for a Mac or something.

Anyway, after I'd fixed that I tried printing as a PDF and found that the stuff that seemed wrong in the word document has moved back up the page in the PDF, which has caused some minor problems but I'm sure is fixable. I suspect that this is mostly me not putting in enough page breaks.

What's a little more worrying is that the document, a 55mb Word file, is coming out as a 64mb PDF, which I suspect means that I'm not doing things properly. The advice I was given on settings is as follows:

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How much of this can be set in the Mac's configuration, and how much of it will only work if I use distiller?
marcus 2013

Adobe Publisher (or whatever) trial version?


1: I really would prefer not to buy pirated software,
2: I would really prefer to sort out the layout problems for myself, and
3: Publisher costs a lot more than I am likely to make from the PDF project

Can anyone tell me if the trial version includes Distiller, and if there are any limitations on it that will make it impractical to use to make the PDF? I know that there is a limit of 30 days on it, but are there any other problems, e.g. watermarking pages, that would stop it from being useful?

Alternatively, are there any alternatives to Distiller, either for Mac or for PC?