July 31st, 2005

lost world

FF IX, Worldcon, Consternation

The zipped version of FF IX is now back on line. I've also corrected a couple of spelling and grammatical errors in the worldbook - can't imagine why I didn't spot them earlier.

I'll be at the World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow next weekend, and in Cambridge for the Consternation RPG con, where I'm UK GOH, the following weekend. I'll be on a few panels and running games at both conventions, hope I'll see some of you there. Incidentally, don't expect me to look much like my picture on the Consternation site, it's been photoshopped!

Subcontractor IX

Here's part IX of my Angel / Veronica Mars crossover "subcontractor". Previous parts are here.

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Note - while I've tried to keep the technobabble moderately plausible, I'm not a hacker so don't expect it to make perfect sense.

Comments please before I post to archives.

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