August 6th, 2005

marcus 2013

Worldcon revisited

Got back so late last night that I never got round to livejournal. Let's see, what's happened since...

Friday 11.00 AM - Game Design; You've Read It, Could You Play It
This went pretty well, all things considered. We agreed that licensed games are frequently very unlike the source they're supposedly based on, that they can cause huge economic problems for the companies that make them, that Steve Jackson Games seem to be about the only RPG company doing it right, and that the old Babylon 5 RPG was possibly the worst licensed RPG ever. Not really much more to say on this.

Saturday 12.00 AM - Making a Good End Of it: Buffy and Angel
Broad agreement that Buffy jumped the shark in season 6 and didn't recover in S7, and that Angel did better but still fell apart towards the end of S5. Lots of arguments about the precised details, of course, good fun all round.

Saturday 2.30 PM - Edwardian SF
Me talking for half an hour on alternatives to Wells etc. Here's what I wrote for it, though there were obviously some differences as questions were asked and I was inevitably rushed - the actual time available was only 20 or so minutes with questions and the need to clear the room for the next panel.

Collapse )

Finally, Saturday 7.00 PM - Game design: Realism versus playability
Mostly a question and answer session, in which I think we agreed that there needed to be a balance between the needs of the genre and the complexity of the system, and that the important thing was to have fun.

Apart from that hit a lot of panels, enjoyed myself, bumped into Terry Pratchett (who I haven't seen in a couple of years) and chatted for all of five minutes before someone appeared to drag him off to a panel, and in general had a good time.

Tomorrow I have one more panel

Sunday 5.00 PM - Getting a Game from Idea to Market Place
Problems, market forces, etc. Not moderating it, thank Cthulhu.

I'll also be running a Diana Warrior Princess game from about 2-4.430 ish if all goes to plan.

After that things ought to be a bit quieter, and I may even get to spend a few hours away from the site and visit other bits of Glasgow on Monday.