August 7th, 2005

marcus 2013

Hugo Awards

For anyone who's interested and hasn't seen it elsewhere, here's the results of the Worldcon awards ceremony and the Hugo awards. There are a few names I don't know here, apologies if I spell anything wrong:

First fandom hall of fame award – Howard Devore
Big heart award – Waldemar Kumming, John Henry Homber, Ina Shurrock
James White award – Elizabeth Hopkinson
Special committee award - David Pringle
John W. Campbell Award best new writer – Elizabeth Bear


Fan artist – Sue Mason frostfox
Fanzine – Plokta plokta
Fan writer – David Langford
Web site – Scifiction –
Semiprozine – Ansible
Pro artist – Jim Burns
Best Professional editor – Ellen Datlow
Dramatic – short form – Battlestar Galactica - episode "33"
Dramatic – long form – The Incredibles
Related book – The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction
Short story – Travels With My Cats by Mike Resnick
Novelette – The Fairy Handbag by Kelly Link
Novella – The Concrete Jungle – Charles Stross autopope - story is posted in his LJ tonight.
Novel – Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell – Susanna Clarke

full details here: