August 18th, 2005

marcus 2013

I Never Could Get The Hang of Thursdays...

Woke up this morning completely convinced that it was Friday. As a result I went out at about one-thirty intending to go to Portobello Road Market, to the post office in Portobello Road, and to Notting Hill Gate.

Needless to say this cunning plan fell apart. Portobello Road was there but the market wasn't, and the post office closes at one on Thursdays. Never mind, I got to walk around those streets without having to fight my way through crowds for a change - and I suspect that it's actually an OK place to live if you don't mind the Friday and Saturday crush and the noise of the carnival once a year - hit the book shop at Notting Hill Gate and found some comics I wanted (including an issue of Top Ten I could have sworn I'd bought but can't remember at all), and went to the Queensway post office which is open all day. And I got a little exercise, which is good. And tomorrow I can do it all again with added crowds and actually get the fruit and veg I went for today...

Later: Forgot to mention the charity shop bargain of the day, which was the three DVD Spaced series 1 and 2 "collector's" edition. For 6 quid!

Looking for a phrase

Describing costumes in the world of Elvis: The Legendary Tours and need a male equivalent of the phrase "jiggle factor".

At the moment the paragraph reads:

Clothing is generally about right for the nineteenth or twentieth century, but clothing for both sexes often seems to be unusually revealing. This especially applies to the costumes of minor characters and extras, with a high “jiggle factor” or the male equivalent.

But I'd like something a little better than "the male equivalent" if possible. Any suggestions?