September 7th, 2005



Diana: Warrior Princess is showing up on the "What's Hot? Top Ten Downloads in the last 30 days" page at Steve Jackson Games E23 e-publishing operation. Only 12 downloads, but that's pretty good considering that my web site and their internal list is the only publicity it's getting. Nobody's rated it yet, which is a shame, I'm hoping that when they do it'll be reasonably positive. Now that it's on the top 10 page hopefully more people will download it.

One thing's for sure, it gives me a lot more incentive to work on Elvis.

Biltmore Oswald, Off line at work

Malcolm Farmer informs me that Biltmore Oswald - The Diary of a Hapless Recruit by Thorne Smith has been added to the Project Gutenberg library; it's out of copyright in the USA, unlike his fantasies.

It's at

A reminder that all of the Smith material that's out of copyright in the UK is on my web site and can be found at - but Americans shouldn't look, of course.

The ongoing network problems at work continue and for the moment it's unlikely that I'll be checking my mail or livejournal during the day. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone.