September 11th, 2005


That's Funny, you don't look Elvis...

Forgot to post this earlier, a brief elaboration of two of the rulers of Dianaverse / Elvisverse America who were only briefly mentioned in the Diana... rules. Anyone got any thoughts or suggestions?

Martin Luther’s Kingdom

King Martin Luther is a religious reformer whose nation is currently engaged in a bitter “cold” war with the dictator Uncle Sam. The exact religion he follows has never been made completely clear, but it seems to be more or less benign. The Kingdom is mostly rural, with occasional small towns dominated by huge cathedrals. Cities include Harlem, Detroit, and Los Angeles.

The King is aware that gods and other supernatural creatures exist, but unwilling to acknowledge any of those that have appeared is a Supreme Being. He seems to think that there is a higher deity that prefers not to become involved in the world’s affairs. While he is not actively hostile to Elvis, the priests of the state church regard “unseemly” and “lewd” music as irreligious; the exact definition of these terms has never been made completely clear, but it seems to apply to most of Elvis’ more energetic performances.

Uncle Sam’s “Family”

Uncle Sam runs an absolute dictatorship in which all citizens are a “family”; he is the Father and everyone else is a Son (or Daughter) of Sam. Why he is called "uncle" is unclear. His state is geared for war, and all adults must serve a term in his armed forces. He is secretly a loyal servant of Landmines, God of War (see Diana…) and his military plans typically involve ridiculous overkill. Fortunately that is often their weakness; it takes time to put together the large armies they require, and so far he has never been able to mount one without his enemies finding out. His agents are frequently found causing trouble in Norton’s empire and Luther’s Kingdom, and the smaller American nations.

He hates Elvis (who is regarded as a troublemaker) but since he hates all foreigners and wants to crush them Elvis is rarely singled out for special attention. His cities are largely industrial; they include Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia, all of them filthy hives full of pounding machines and pollution – think of Mordor with electricity and you won’t go far wrong.

I want to keep the "son of Sam" joke, but it doesn't quite fit with him being an "uncle". Any suggestions on ways to make it work - preferably without getting too verbose?
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Oh, That's a Difficult Choice...

Just took a look at the TV paper to see if anything's worth watching tonight. Assorted soap operas and comedy shows... but C5 has The Addams Family on at 6.10, and Men In Black 2 at 9.00. Guess which channel I'll be watching.

(Actually, to be fair, there is other stuff on - just nothing that particularly interests me. And yes, I know that if I watch Addams Family I'll miss Lost, but since I'm not a big fan it won't worry me much.)

Elvis goes fishing...

Okay... Situation in the wonderful "typical episode" is that they now know that the roc attacks any loud music. They have used maps etc. to guess where it might be nesting, then split up to test the idea at some likely locations. This leads to the following:

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The question then... does this line have the right sort of resonance, or will it at least get a cheap laugh?

Oh - latest on the Diana PDF is that it has sold 15 copies in the last month and has been rated 5 stars by one purchaser. I HOPE that this is a good start, and that sales will keep up for a while.