November 15th, 2005


Wanted: Elvis Illustrations

As regular readers of this journal will know, I'm working on Elvis: The Legendary Tours, a supplement for the Diana: Warrior Princess RPG, to be published as a PDF.

Since this is going to be priced low and probably won't sell a huge number of copies I can't afford to pay for a professional artist's work. At the same time, I would like it to be well-illustrated. My initial plan to con a friend into illustrating it for me has fallen through because she's simply too busy at the moment.

The alternative idea I've come up with is to solicit art contributions more widely:
  • The best entries sent will be used to illustrate the PDF, and all work used will be credited.
  • I can't, unfortunately, afford to pay multiple artists. However, I'll donate a pound to Cancer Research UK for each illustration used, five pounds for the cover picture.
  • All contributors whose work is used will be sent e-texts of the Diana: Warrior Princess game and the Elvis: The Legendary Tours supplement when it is complete.
  • The contributor of the cover illustration will be sent a copy of the printed Diana: Warrior Princess RPG, a printout of the Elvis: The Legendary Tours supplement, and the e-texts on CD-ROM.
  • All art will remain the property of the artist.
Details of the setting etc. are behind the cut for those who are interested.
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