November 26th, 2005

lost world

Dragonmeet Games

With a week to go to Dragonmeet, here are brief summaries of the games I'll be running from the Dragonmeet events listing.

Time: 11 am (2-3 hour duration)
GM: Marcus Rowland
Players: 4-6 (ready made characters)
Venue: F5
Prohibition America, the era of fast cars, booze, and wild parties. All of you are friends, and all of you have a lot to lose if the truth about your lives, and especially your involvement in the supernatural, is publicised. And all of you are being blackmailed by someone who seems to know your every secret. Somehow you need to turn the tables, and make sure that the blackmailer will never talk.
An adventure in the style of Thorne Smith's comic fantasies.

Time: 2:30 pm (2-3 hour duration)
GM: Marcus Rowland
Players: 4-6 (ready made characters)
Venue: F5
Someone's stolen Elvis's guitar, and there are rumours that a musical instrument with magical powers is about to be auctioned by the merchant-magicians who rule the fabled Bazaar of Eb'ai. Elvis and his friends face a gruelling quest to recover it, and to overcome the obstacles that Gods and Demons will put in their path. Not to mention the Elvis impersonators...
An adventure from the spin-off series, Elvis: The Legendary Tours

I'll also be selling printed copies of the Diana: Warrior Princess RPG, with 20% going to Cancer Research UK and the Forgotten Futures Charity CD-ROM, with all profits to Cancer Research UK

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Elvis pictures

Here's some VERY temporary illustrations for the Elvis: The Legendary Tours RPG; since I haven't had much luck with my call for artists, I've done the ones I'll need next Saturday as photo manips. This isn't much good for the final product since (a) there would be copyright problems and (b) I'm crap at this, unfortunately, so I still desperately need real artists.

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Full details of the art I'm looking for and the derisory amount I'll give to charity if I get it are at