December 13th, 2005


The Cellphone Invasion

Just saw a rather scary newspaper clip - don't know which paper it comes from. According to the Mobile Data Association there are now more mobile phones than people in the UK and several other countries including Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Italy and Luxemburg. Can't find this on the MDA web site, which seems to be mostly members only. if anyone wants to check it out.

While I suspect that a proportion of these are old phones which people aren't using, it does seem a little bizarre. If this were to turn up in (for example) Doctor Who it would be evidence of an invasion by telephone-shaped replicators or something. And unlike the theory that cats rule the world, I for one will NOT welcome these particular alien masters...
Angel of the Revolution

Another "Guesses at Futurity" picture

I've found another picture in the Guesses at Futurity sequence published in Pall Mall Magazine in 1894-5. I'd missed it before because it's by another artist, Francis Masey, not Fred T. Jane who drew the rest, and they were indexed separately.

The two I've found since the last release of the FF CD-ROM are numbers 8 and 9, I've uploaded them to photobucket but they've been reduced considerably in size to fit into the allowed space:

Collapse )
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I'm still unfortunately missing pictures 4-6 completely, and only have a poor reproduction of no. 7. All of these would be in volume 5 of the magazine, January-April 1895, so if anyone sees this on sale anywhere please let me know.