December 29th, 2005


BtVS / The Saint: Ghosts of Futures Past

I've been working hard on my RPG stuff and haven't quite been in the mood to complete any of the ongoing stories when I wasn't, but here's a holiday fic which I'm hoping to post to archives on New Years Eve. Comments before that would be greatly appreciated, it's a fairly low-key Saint / BtVS crossover.

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Okay - all comments on the story, typos, etc. greatly appreciated.
Angel of the Revolution

Forgotten Futures: The Power of Positive Drinking

This is the adventure I ran at Dragonmeet earlier this month, based very loosely on Thorne Smith ideas. It's really just an outline of a setting and characters and I don't think it worked very well, mainly because I had too few players and was trying to railroad them into the ending implied by the last set of character stats. If I run it again or include it in FF X it'll be greatly changed, and the last character certainly won't be included as written because it just wasn't right for the setting.

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If anyone has thoughts on this, other than telling me that it's crap, I'd be delighted to see them.