January 8th, 2006


Elvis: Logos of the Gods

I've created logos for a couple of the musical Gods mentioned in Elvis: The Legendary Tours and their servants.

Logos of the Gods

From left to right we have Eyepoade, Goddess of Recording, Sol, God of the Sun and Music, and the Groupies, the half-woman, half-bird servants of the Gods of music. They'll be reproduced very small, about 2cm wide per logo, so they need to be simple.

What I want to check is that they aren't too similar to the logos of any particular company or (more importantly) religion, since I'd prefer not to start a jihad.

The Eyepoade logo is supposed to be a face bitten out of an apple, and is, fairly obviously, a parody of a certain company's logo. The Sol one is just an eye in the sun. The Groupies one is a bikini with wings.

Any thoughts, or suggestions on improving them?

Elvis - the picture that got away

Here's one that probably isn't going to be used, since it's a bit of an afterthought and really buggers up the layout of the page where it best fits and the next five pages, unless I put it on the back cover or something. Shame really, it's rather pretty for about twenty minutes work.

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And a question - would a horse's brand look like a raised welt, or would it be slighly recessed?