February 3rd, 2006

marcus 2013

Printer update

Forgot to say that I ordered the printer yesterday evening - thought if I left it until late they'd take an order for Saturday delivery, and they did. It turns out, of course, that they charge more for Saturdays, £24 as opposed to the £8 originally quoted. So I whined at them a bit and they cut it to £21, which is a little better but still annoying.

So this evening will be my "clear up some crap to make room for it" exercise, and hopefully tomorrow I'll be saying how wonderful it is - or not, as the case may be.
Laser & prism

Well, that's it for Apple then...

Some back story for readers outside the UK - many years ago I worked part-time for Morgan Computers, who are the British PC world's answer to the Elephant's graveyard, the place where manufacturers send their old stock to die.

Three guesses what I saw in their window last night...

Not sure how this compares with new prices, but if I was after one of these I'd start by checking that the warranty is covered by Apple, not Morgans. No particular reason...