February 9th, 2006



Sold the print server today - went for a few pounds more than I paid for it, even including postage, which is good news, and it was paid within a few minutes. The not so good news is that when I logged onto gmail to let the buyer know that it was in the post, there was a message from him asking if I thought it would work properly and give full functionality if he plugged in an all-in-one USB printer / fax / scanner. Which I tend to doubt... The silly part is that he first bid yesterday morning, WTF didn't he ask me first?

I'll have to see what happens, but I have a nasty feeling this is going to be a PITA.
marcus 2013

Google chat

I'm not a particularly chatty person; don't use any of the standard chat programs such as MSN, nor do I particularly want to. But Google are apparently rolling out Google chat as part of Gmail, and from the information they've provided so far I can't see any way to switch it off. Anyone know differently?