March 18th, 2006


Who is Doctor Who?

Seeing so many people on my friends list going gaga over The Doctor reminds me to pimp Who is Doctor Who?, the unauthorised[1] conspiracy site for the Whoverse which was one of the things that gave me the idea for sdaleconspiracy.

Warning - it shows the most recent entry first and there are MAJOR episode spoilers in each entry. Probably only entries 1 and 2 are really safe for American readers right now.

[1]Well actually the site is really run by the BBC if you look closely, but pretend I didn't say that...


You couldn't make this up...

This morning the doorbell rang at about 11 and I went down to find the Conservative council candidate there, canvassing for my vote. I said "no" as tactfully as I could, and took in the mail, which included a card left by the postman saying that a letter had not been left because there was postage owed on it.

So working on the assumption that it might just be a cheque, since commercial mail usually comes in prepaid envelopes, I actually managed to get out of the house and along to the local sorting office before they closed.

And paid the postage and handling charge of £1.21 for the envelope.

And opened it.

And found an election flyer for the Conservative party...

Those of my readers who are more into politics than I am can no doubt confirm that UK election communications are supposed to be marked as such - I'm pretty sure that there is supposed to be something on the envelope so that this sort of thing doesn't happen. It's the first time I can remember receiving one this way - usually they just have someone walk from door to door and drop a couple of flyers in.

Meanwhile I intend to post this back to the local Conservative party with a very angry note suggesting that they owe me £1.21 plus the postage I will have to use to send it back to them. It'll be interesting to see how they respond.

Later edit: On re-reading the damned thing I find that it doesn't actually mention the election - it's a flyer from the conservatives saying how wonderful they are etc. which has just coincidentally come just as the elections are coming up. Don't know if the same rules apply.
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Wyndham Documentary / docudrama?

For anyone who hasn't noticed, this is on BBC 4 tonight:

John Wyndham: The Invisible Man of Science Fiction
8:00pm - 9:00pm
VIDEO Plus+: 1494654

Chris Langham stars in a dramatised documentary on the life of one of
Britain's greatest sci-fi writers. Drawing on the painstaking research
of Wyndham's biographer Dr David Ketterer, the programme includes
interviews with personal friends including sci-fi writers Brian Aldiss
and Sam Youd. Also featured are Wyndham's private photo album and the
only television interview he ever gave, alongside clips from film and
TV adaptations of The Day Of The Triffids.