March 27th, 2006

marcus 2013


During Eastercon I may want to make a side trip to Kilmarnock, which is about 25 miles from Glasgow. Trouble is that I'm going to Glasgow by train and will be collecting a fairly heavy package from Kilmarnock if this comes off. I also can't drive a car, I only have a motorbike license. So... how easy is it to make this trip by public transport? A simple train ride, or a complicated nightmare? How big a town is Kilmarnock anyway? Is everywhere in affordable taxi range?

Any information would be useful. Or if anyone happens to be driving via Kilmarnock en route to the con and feels like making a pickup for me...

I should stress that this is VERY tentative, and largely dependent on something I want to buy on eBay staying at an affordable price.

A Real Breakthrough

For the last three weeks or so I've been pretty much stalled on the adventure for Elvis: The Legendary Tours. I knew what the villainess was up to, but in itself it didn't seem quite enough - there had to be a long term goal, a better reason than wanting to lead the good life why she was out in (to be blunt) the arse end of nowhere enslaving people. I finally came up with it on Saturday, the motivation that drives the plot, the long term goal of her activities:

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The question I have to ask, does this sound plausible as something that might turn up in this sort of show?
Space Patrol

Gamma Rays On... Yobba Rays On...

I've been thinking about copying my run of Space Patrol (the British puppet series, not the American live action series) videos onto DVD. But it seemed a lot of bother, so I thought I'd see how much the commercial DVDs cost.

Interesting answer... £21 or more plus p&p on Ebay.

Even more interesting answer... £16.99 inc. P&P from

Three guesses who just got my order.

Once I've got this I'll have eight PAL VHS tapes of the series going spare. Am I right to think there's going to be a charity auction at Eastercon?