April 28th, 2006


Printing pages of a multi-section document

As a sampler for Elvis: The Legendary Tours I want to create a PDF containing pages from the first, second, and last sections of the Word file (Word 2000) using the free PDFCreator software:

pages 1-3 (all of section 1)
page 4 (which is numbered as page 1 of section 2)
page 12 (numbered as page 9 of section 2)
Page 22 (numbered as page 19 of section 2)
Page 55 (the only page of section 4)

I've tried telling it to print these pages using commas etc., but what I invariably end up with is the first three correct, then pages 1-4 of section 2, then pages 12 and 22 of section 2. Page 55 doesn't appear at all.

For various reasons it isn't possible to convert the document into a single section. Anyone know a way around this?

Later edit: The answer turns out to be to print pages p1-3s1, p1s2, p9s2, p19s2, p1s4

Elvis sampler

Here's a link to a first stab at a sampler for Elvis: The Legendary Tours


It consists of the cover, title pages and contents, introduction, a page on Elvis impersonators, Elvis's stats, and the back page.

It's a bit over 1mb, mainly because it isn't distilled etc., and you'll need Acrobat or similar to view it - I don't think OS-X preview will work.

All comments gratefully received