April 29th, 2006

Dalek 2

Dr Who...

Will be shown 5 minutes late tonight, starting at 7.20 and finishing 8.05

Good thing I checked, my recorder was set to switch off at 8.02

Railway question

Is the German "suspended railway" from Elbersfeld to Barmen of the late 19th century of any great engineering or historical interest? Looks like a monorail, but there isn't actually a diagram, just pictures that don't show the suspension very well.

I'm going to scan the article describing it but it's very short and doesn't say when it was built, amongst other things. It'd be nice to add some historical and engineering context.
Space Patrol

Monorail article

Here's the monorail article - not doing anything fancy with the layout for livejournal, but it'll be a bit better on the FF CD-ROM and web site when I have the graphics links sorted.

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