May 15th, 2006


Eyes again

OK, the consensus I got from a lot of people was that the eye / mouth thing is a bad idea. Having slept on it I've decided that I agree. It's something I can change relatively easily in the text, though it means a break with the previous version of the game - the graphics don't need to be changed since Flatlander eyes would be nothing like ours, a bit of hand-waving and they're there as part of the neural material to the sides of the mouth behind a transparent section of chitin. I'm thinking of an array of polarized light receptors. I'm going to do a big labelled anatomical thing when I get to the serious science stuff, I'll make it a bit more obvious in that.

I would have stuck with what I had but as someone pointed out it makes no sense from an evolutionary point of view, and eyes have evolved so often on Earth that it seems silly not to have something that doesn't have the feeding problem.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion - sorry I was so slow to convince, but I wanted to make sure that it wasn't just because the idea squicked people out. Don't worry - they're still going to be excreting through their mouths, the squick factor will still be there...

More flatlanders

Here are some of the bigger images I'm going to use for "action figures"; I can get five or six on a page and they look pretty good printed.

Collapse )

The lumpy bits attached to them are weapons, luggage, etc. Gunga Thin is, of course, a native bearer (or pack animal depending on how you look at him). There's a little fuzziness on the sergeant at full size, but it looks OK when I've resized it a little on the page to get it to scale with the others.