June 23rd, 2006


Fanfic- The Rosenberg Inheritance XX and epilogue

Finished this yesterday, I was going to post it last night but I spent so long trying to get the Word file for Flatland to work on my Mac that it didn't happen. Here it is at last - the last chapter of my big BtVS / Angel / Lou Grant crossover. Warning: character death and other fun stuff, and spoilers for various episodes of BtVS and Angel well into BtVS S7. All previous parts are archived here

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marcus 2013

A modest distinction

Feeling slightly stunned....

The British Library has just asked me for permission to keep a permanent archive of my web site, as part of a 2-year pilot scheme. I presume that the historical content etc. has a lot to do with it, but it's certainly recognition I wasn't expecting.

Of course if it turns out that everyone who owns a UK web site got the same latter I will be somewhat less impressed...