June 25th, 2006

marcus 2013

About that archive

Needless to say, I forgot to say where my site will eventually be archived; it's The UK Web Archiving Consortium which is apparently run by the British Library, The National Archives, National Library of Wales, National Library of Scotland, JISC (The Joint Information Systems Committee) and Wellcome Trust. So far as I know none of these are particularly sinister organizations (although the anime Read Or Die has a branch of the British secret service based at the British Library - and, I've just realised, a plot with a somewhat startling resemblance to parts of the later Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.)
Wonder Woman

Fanfic - Highlander / Lois and Clark - Nine Lives

For a while I've been slowly posting a Lois & Clark / Highlander / Batman crossover to the L&C fanfic message boards when I felt completely blank on other writing. Might as well start posting it here and to archives - but like most of my fanfic, it's WIP and the final parts may be a long time coming. There are 4 parts already written, I'll post a part every day or two until it's all here.

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