July 9th, 2006


Good grief....

Elvis: The Legendary Tours has made it to number three in the What's Hot chart for the last 30 days at e23, and looks like it may even have a chance of reaching number two - no chance of number 1, which has four times the sales, but even so it's an excellent result. Meanwhile Diana: Warrior Princess is back in at the bottom of the chart - presumably this is people who bought Elvis without seeing Diana first and liked it enough to buy the original game.

If they put the Flatland game out quickly I might end up with three games there - doubt it's likely, because something else will overtake Diana fairly soon, and of course there's no certainty that Flatland will do well - but that'd be a pretty good result.

So... What Next

Trying to think of the next Dianaverse title.

Basically, it needs to be in the form of

[famous (preferably dead) person] (The / of / etc.) [something] [something] (optional [something])

And sound like the title of a well-known TV series or film, preferably one that shows a shaky grasp of historical accuracy.


Diana: Warrior Princess
Elvis: The Legendary Tours

The examples I had in the original game that I don't think I'll be using for one reason or another:

Parton: Lust For Glory - (Military setting) - alive

Richard of Sherwood - (Nixon as Robin Hood) - boring

Toni the Vampire Slayer - (Toni Blair etc.) - alive, boring.

Gandhi's Angels - (detective series) - still a possibility, but detective games are difficult to write.

So - any suggestions?

[small print] Sorry, but for legal reasons I need to say up front that I'm not paying anything for suggestions - the best you can expect is a free copy of the PDF if I write the thing and a credit somewhere in the introduction [/small print]