July 23rd, 2006

marcus 2013

Lowest common denominator?

Not sure I should be plugging this, but it does seem to be likely to appeal to quite a few fandoms:

Ultimate Super Vixens
7:00pm - 8:00pm tonight
Sky Three
VIDEO Plus+: 92958743

The definitive collection of popular culture's foxiest ladies, including vampire-slayer Buffy and sexy sleuths Charlie's Angels. With contributions from three Catwomen - Halle Berry, Lee Meriwether and Eartha Kitt.

Mmmmm.... Eartha Kitt. Definitely my fave Catwoman. Bet they don't have Servalan.
marcus 2013

One for the HHG crowd...

Have Goodfella's Pizzas always had "Share and Enjoy" on their boxes, or is it a new development? First time I've seen them on sale in months (don't often go into that supermarket), and I really can't recall the slogan before, I think I would have remembered.

Wasn't the translation "Go stick your head in a pig"?

And the winners are...

Top twenty super vixens - apparently selected by fifty people including Stan Lee, which may explain a certain bias in the results...

20 - Barb Wire
19 - Mystique
18 - Red Sonja
17 - Barbarella
16 - Elektra
15 - Emma Peel (the Diana Rigg version, of course)
14 - Felicity Shagwell (from Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me)
13 - Storm
12 - The Bride (Kill Bill)
11 - The Bionic Woman (Jamie Summers - presumably no relative of Buffy)
10 - Breathless Mahoney (Dick Tracy, as played by Madonna)
9 - Princess Leia
8 - Wonder Woman (especially Lynda Carter)
7 - Charlie's Angels (TV version)
6 - Ripley (Alien etc.)
5 - Xena
4 - Lara Croft (especially video game version)
3 - Buffy
2 - The Bond Girls (all of them)
1 - Catwoman (all of them)

No Servalan, needless to say.