July 25th, 2006

marcus 2013

Why does it bug me...

...that the time as received, displayed and used by my DAB radio alarm clock runs 20 seconds behind the time as received and displayed by two radio-controlled clocks and my watch, all synched to the Rugby atomic clock?

I know that with Digital Audio there are processing delays, but can't they at least get the time to run on... er... time?

TV review

Can't resist quoting this CSI Miami review snippet:

The storyline is typically convoluted and engaging, and the episode has the requisite number of sharp one-liners, but CSI: Miami increasingly looks like a glossy 1980s pop promo. And why at certain points in the story do the cast start walking in slow motion?

Pretty much sums up CSI Miami - all style and no substance. Original CSI is still pretty good, CSI NY isn't bad, why is Miami so awful? Could it possibly be the cast?