October 10th, 2006

marcus 2013

DVD region checker

Can anyone point me at a program that'll identify the region of a DVD? I've got a boxed set made in Canada which I think is Region 0 - the box, cases, etc. and the manufacturer's web site don't say, it plays OK in my laptop and PC (both still region 2 locked) but the resolution looks more like NTSC than PAL. My guess is that they produced only one version of the DVD for Canada, France, and possibly the USA, which would mean it would have to be region 0.

I'm not enthralled by the series and want to sell it on eBay, but it's a bit difficult if I'm not sure of the region.

Later - now sorted thanks to sharikkamur - it's regions 1,2,3,4,5, and 6!
marcus 2013

Thin client?

I've been vaguely thinking that it'd be nice to get another PC with basic web browsing capabilities and hook it up to the TV on a more or less permanent basis - I could use the laptop instead, but it might be nice to have something there all the time. Trouble is that space is limited and money is currently in short supply. However, I've noticed that second hand thin clients look pretty cheap and are comparatively small; is it worth considering one, or are they more trouble than they're worth? Can anyone make any recommendations?

One thing I need to consider, whatever I get, is that it'd need a network cable - I have a spare socket on the router, but getting a cable through the wall and across the room to the TV unobtrusively wouldn't be easy.

I suppose the alternative I should consider is one of those shoebox-sized PCs with a mini motherboard and a wifi card, but they're rarely cheap. Unless someone knows of one at a budget price, of course...