November 15th, 2006

marcus 2013

Stuff I'll be selling at Dragonmeet

Trying to work out what I'll be selling at Dragonmeet, so far the list is

Official Flatland RPG - all proceeds to Doctors Without Borders
PDF (on CD-ROM with Forgotten Futures freebies) £4.00
Cut-out flatlanders (colour laser printed on transparent plastic, 4 A4 sheets) £ 2.50

Diana, Warrior Princess - 20% to Cancer Research UK
Diana, Warrior Princess (book) £ 7.00
Diana, Warrior Princess (PDF with Forgotten Futures freebies) £ 3.00
Elvis, The Legendary Tours (PDF with Forgotten Futures freebies) £ 2.50

Forgotten Futures - all proceeds to Cancer Research UK
Forgotten Futures IX with extras £ 2.00

Pricing of the PDFs is a straight dollar conversion from the e23 prices with a small amount added for the blank CD-ROMs, wallets, labels etc.

I really wish that I could be ready to launch Forgotten Futures X and the other stuff I'm developing, but well into next year looks more likely.