January 3rd, 2007

marcus 2013

Big hard disks?

Further to all my recent questions about network storage, I'm beginning to think that using a 100gb drive is a short-term solution at best - to save a lot of faffing about I should get a bigger drive or drives from the outset.

Anyone know of any particularly good deals in the 250gb and up range? Needs to be ATA for compatibility reasons, there don't seem to be any affordable SATA network storage boxes around.
marcus 2013

Mirrors, Masks

After my root canal treatment this morning I didn't feel like doing much, but I did drop into Blockbuster and buy some ex-rental DVDs that were reasonably cheap. So far I've watched X-men 3 (disappointing but not as bad as I'd feared) and Mirrormask (which was wonderful - just watching it again with the commentary).

Watching Mirrormask, a few days after seeing the Mary Poppins trailer with the horror motif, and coincidentally the Bewitched ramake last week, reminded me that there seem to be quite a few films and TV shows with the "mirror image comes to life" effect - it's an obvious one for the special effects people, and of course it hits on a psychological / mythical level. The most obvious ones that come to mind are

Mary Poppins
Alice Through the Looking Glass
Bewitched (the uncle appears in the mirror)
Harry Potter & Philosophers Stone
Angel (the real Cordy meets her replacement)
etc. etc.

Now I want to write something on this theme, not quite sure what at this stage. Maybe fanfic, maybe game related - there was something vaguely like this in the Forgotten Futures / Flatland crossover I ran at Dragonmeet, I may make the interface between game worlds a mirror instead of a drawing as at present.